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∅ 8mm Tube BSPT 1/8 Thread Pneumatic Hexagon Male Connector | ∅ 8mm Tube to PT, R, BSPT 1/8 Thread Pneumatic Fittings Hexagon Male Connector | ∅ 8mm to PT 1/8 Pneumatic Push in Fittings Hexagon Male Straight

8mm Tube BSPT 1/8 Thread Pneumatic Hexagon Male Connector
8mm Tube PT 1/8 Thread Push in Fittings Round Male Straight
8mm to R 1/8 Hexagon Male Connector Pneumatic Push in Fittings
Part#: POC 08-01
Push in Tube O.D: 8mm
Thread: PT, R, BSPT 1/8
Thread Sealing: Teflon-coating
Working Pressure: 0—1.0MPa | 0—150psi
Working Temperature: 0∼60°C | 32~140°F



∅ 8mm tubing, BSPT 1/8 thread pneumatic hexagon male connector. (∅8mm tubing to R 1/8 thread pneumatic push in fittings hexagon male connector). The thread is equiped with teflon for thread sealing.

The body can be nickel plated brass or natural brass. Proof pressure is up to 3.0Mpa(435psi).

Blue, Black, Red, Grey and custom color collets are available. Oval and Round shape are available.

OEM Providing

Pneuflex can help customers to make molds and print customers' brand on the fittings and tubing. Work together to satisfy end-users and win the market. Contact Pneuflex for more information.

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